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Firoz is a divergent thinker and has the ability to come up with creative and innovative solutions. He possesses extremely sound technical and professional skills. The utilization of these skills to the optimum level is evident from his performance. Has a professional attitude with qualities of software development skills which reflects high productivity in his work. I appreciate this dignified demeanor.
I would hire you again!
I can strongly recommend Firoz!


Christian GruwnowCocktail Tables

Firoz is one of the rare diamonds in the rough you find on Odesk. He completed a very complex just with almost no understanding of what would need to be done and how the code was broken. His technical ability is extremely high and I will continue to use him for every project in the future.


Gary Right 

Firoz has excellent time management skills and the ability to meet deadlines in time. His speed and efficiency is an inspirational example to others. They are very particular about the attendance of his team members as well, which contributes to the productivity levels of the team, and the organization. He encourages effective communication and is a great professional. The way of handling critical situations with ease has earned him a lot of respect from him.


Art Fashioning 

At first I thought Firoz was a decent developer that could do the job since he was very easy and humble. Later when it was time for Firoz to show me the work he did, I was blown away with how he actually desingned it. Firoz did it so professionally and did not cut one corner. It is like I was expecting normal car but he gave me a Porche. Once I saw his technical and architectual skills, I knew Firoz and I will be working together for a long time. Treat Firoz with the utmost respect and well because he may be one for the most talented developers you will ever meet in your lifetime. I stand by every word I say about him... to prove it, I created another project for him :-P Thank you Firoz and keep up the good service.


Amin Ahmed 

He is experienced PHP analyst and developer and I enjoyed working with him. He is excellent in communication and responsiveness were top-notch and his skills is impressively strong. He shows his ability by resolving complex and tuff work in easy way, we get the right contractor when we need the most beyond the expectation to support the core work. I will likely have additional jobs for him in the future.


Octet Infosoft 

Firoz and his team have got strong work ethics and set an example with their perfect attendance. Reflects a high level of discipline and punctuality and always shows up on time at work. Displays an excellent example to other organizations through quality of work, time duration and financial planning. Thanks to ToDotCom team!


Embellish Ceramics 

We sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing our patch work and recommending processes for achieving them. Your assistance has been invaluable to us during this process. In addition to your enthusiasm for performing well, you have brought the technical and analytical skills necessary to get the job done. Your advice was very helpful and gave us a new perspective on available opportunities. We believe that after all your assistance, we are better prepared to find our next position. It is very rare to find such high standards of sincerity and trust-worthiness in the world of business today. It would be our pleasure to do business with you in the future too and we earnestly wish you the very best for a great future.


Consultant Ecommerce - Shaikh